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Mersey Rod’s blog aims to help you understand your property’s drains and drainage system. We share helpful tips, tricks and information on how to ensure your drains run smoothly and how to best remedy any topical drainage issues you may have. The blog also explores how we work, the tools we use, the areas we cover, and other useful, hopefully interesting (!) information about us.

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We wanted to share how satisfying our work can be so we set up our YouTube channel – The Drain Unblockers . Our engineers wear chest mounted cameras so we can capture them unblocking drains, so you, the viewer, can watch how we work. We use both drain rods and high pressured water jetting, depending on the job, so you can see how we deal with even the toughest of blockages in the greater North West area. We love our job, and we hope you enjoy watching what we do. Please subscribe so you can be updated with our latest unblocks, repairs and of course don’t forget to ‘Ask Jem’!

Some of Our Latest Unblocks

Please see some of the latest pictures of us at work clearing blocked drains in Merseyside. We enjoy sharing how a drain looks before and after us attending, and we take great satisfaction in our work.

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