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One of our more specialised services is drain surveying and inspection. Unchecked drains can often cause dangerous and expensive problems to arise. As part of our drain surveying services, we are able to provide a concise report so you know as a customer exactly what is causing your drainage problem or give you the peace of mind that the drains are in good conditions. We can also provide a plan of your drains detailing the general direction and location and footage/photos of your drain as proof of their condition. Occasionally, issues arise regarding access to the drain for the inspection, yet we are able to overcome these issues with our specialised tools.

Fixed Priced Survey

We provide a highly specialised drain inspection and drain surveying service, that is none invasive and is able to establish exactly what issues your drains have. We can perform a range of drainage surveys, such as investigating a reoccurring blockage, a home buyers survey or commercial drainage survey.

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Drainage Survey – Which drain inspection is necessary for you?

Commercial Drain Surveying

We are able to provide a professional incite into your drainage issues. We can provide tailored drain inspection services to cater for any requirements, for industry and commercial customers. We can survey sites no matter their size and provide tailored packages to suit individual needs. Whether it is detailed inspections of your drains to determine their condition, or provide information on the suitability of the drains for current construction work, we are always more than happy to assist.

Survey Outlining Drainage Issues

Our basic drain inspection service is fixed at £110 including VAT. This service is designed for customers who don’t need a full drainage report but have drains that need inspecting. When we carry out this service we will inspect your drains and provide a basic write up of their condition and findings of the survey. Many of our competitors charge an excessive amount for a drainage survey, however, we make it as affordable as possible and will not be beaten on a like for like quote. No matter how long we are there, one hour or six, our price is fixed and you will not pay more than quoted. Drain inspection across Merseyside is what we do.

Full Report (Home Buyers)

All our £189 drain surveys come with a full, detailed report of your drains and the mapping of their approximate positions on the property. We provide a detailed report so that you can fully understand the drains at your premises. This is one of the many reasons why our service is one of the best around. This report allows you to make an informed decisions about your drainage needs and brings to attention any issues within the drains that could cause future problems. If you require a plan we can also provide this too. This service is perfect for home buyers wanting to know more about the drainage systems on a property.

Exact Location and Depth

If you have reasons for needing a more precise drain survey, such as if you are looking to carry out ground works or are in need of drain repairs, check out our drain tracing services. Our service allows for precise drain, ducting and sewer mapping, location and tracing services, giving you the peace of mind that you will know exact depths and placements of drains on your property before any works are carried out. Drainage surveys on Merseyside is what we do best, get in touch if you need more advice.

Tailored Drain Inspection Services Are What We Do Best

What is a drainage survey & inspection?

For a variety of reasons, you may need to know what is occurring in your groundworks. You may have noticed subsidence or you’re experiencing repeat blockages. This is where drain inspections come in. Drain camera surveys are the best way of ascertaining whether there are any issues within your drainage system. At Mersey Rod, we are here to help, we perform drain surveys on Merseyside, providing detailed information to help customers solve their drainage issues.

What does a drain inspection involve?

Drain inspections can involve a number of different steps. Most commonly, the first step is to inspect your drain using camera equipment. We operate three different camera systems for different drainage needs, making us one of the most well equipped companies to perform drain inspections on Merseyside. Next, as part of a drain survey, we can draw up plans and diagrams to provide you with an informed picture of your drainage system. For the reasons outlined above, this is why we are one of the best companies at undertaking drain surveys in Merseyside.

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