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No Fix No Fee

We offer a no fix, no fee drain unblocking service, meaning if we cannot unblock your drain, we do not charge you a penny.


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Fixed Prices As Standard

You will always know the cost of our services before we attend your property. Click the padlock to view our prices.


Time To Suit You

Our engineers will always give you plenty of notice and a time slot to suit.

Drainage Issue?

Drainage Issue?


Our Vacuum Tanker Service

By using the latest vacuum drain clearing equipment, no blocked drain is impossible for us to clear. Occasionally high pressured water jetting cannot shift the toughest of blockages, but our drain vacuuming tanker is able to suck up the most stubborn of obstacles. The vacuum suction is ideal for clearing blockages at both residential and industrial sites as no job is too big or small. Have you recently had building work done? The vacuum tanker is extremely effective at removing industrial or building waste from drains.

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Drain Surveying Service

Compact Vacuum Tankers For All Areas

Our vacuum tanker is compact and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for use on construction or industrial sites. The vacuum’s capability is key in working in conjunction with commercial CCTV drainage surveys. It allows us to clear the drains before commencing surveys, giving our engineers clearer images and unrestricted access through the drainage runs.


Why Choose Us For Drainage Solutions

Our drainage services are tailored to each individual problem, and we always endeavour to provide the best service possible for any drainage service you require. If you need a vacuum tanker service in Liverpool or the Wirral, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Unblocking drains in the Merseyside and Cheshire areas is our job, and we always go the extra mile for our customers.

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Vacuum Tanker Services – Your Key Questions Answered

We are a reliable and professional drainage company, dedicated to drain surveying both residential and commercial properties. With our expertise, we are committed to solving your drainage needs, no matter how big or small they may be. Our team of skilled and certified professionals are always ready to provide the support you need.

Providing Specialist Drain Vacuum Tanker Services

What are vacuum tanks used for?

Vacuum tanker services are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for removing stubborn blockages or to allow better access to blockages in flooded manholes. In large concrete car parks there are often grids in the floor to help water drain away. These lead to drains which are usually exposed and can get easily blocked. Vacuum tanker services are very effective in cleaning car park gullies.

Tailored Drain Inspection Services Are What We Do Best

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Combination Tanker Jetting

Drain vacuuming combined with the benefits of high pressure water jetting is the most effective way to unblock drains. Whether it be building material, gravel, sand, silt or sewage, it can be removed in a timely manner with minimal intrusion, mess or hassle. We are different from many other drainage companies who only use high-pressured jetting or rods to remove blockages, at Mersey Rod we employ a range of equipment so we can effectively tackle all your drainage problems. We are fully licensed to dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


Why choose us for drain vacuum services?

We have 10+ years experience in vacuum tanker services and offer a specialist 24/7 help which means we can be there when it counts. You cannot predict when a drain will overflow or a water main will burst. Our vacuum tankers are also incredibly compact, as we use small vacuum tankers designed for tight, compact urban areas. If you need advice on vacuum drain unblocking, please get in touch, we can help.

Need Manholes Or Gullies Emptying? We Can Help

Blocked Drains In Liverpool

Emergency Flood Response

Our ability to pump and clear water into our tanker allows us to quickly and efficiently alleviate flooding in places such as basements. Floods can happen no matter what precautions have been taken, and can cause irreversible, costly damage to fixtures and fittings. Sludge and mess can remain in your property creating further problems. Our vacuuming service can quickly clear the flood and the resulting debris, as well as clear any drains to facilitate the draining of water.


Car Parks and Businesses

Our vacuum tanker services are ideal for clearing blocked and overflowing drains in carparks. Often, these drains require more than just high-pressured jetting or rodding, as they collect a much larger quantity of debris and rubbish compared to smaller drains – this is where vacuum removal services are required. Our vacuum tankers are available 24/7 and can clear drains in a fast and efficient manner, leaving your carpark or business premises free from blocked drains.

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We Are Specialists in Clearing Your Blocked Drains


We aim arrive as fast as possible and operate an emergency drain team 24/7/365. Our engineers are always happy to offer friendly advice.


Our services are low cost, reliable and efficient. All our services are a fixed price. We do not charge if we cannot unblock your drain.


Mersey Rod is a trusted drainage company with 25+ years of experience. We are fully equipped to carry out any of your drainage needs.


All our engineers are skilled and fully qualified, holding Water Jetting Association certificates. Our staff are enhanced DBS checked to give you peace of mind.