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Drain Unblocking Liverpool

Are you needing drain unblocking services in Liverpool? There are multiple causes of blocked drains in Liverpool, such as fat, roots, or a build-up of wipes. Whatever is causing your blockage, we can help. Our Liverpool based drain unblocking service is adapted to the individual needs of our customers, and we offer a range of unblocking procedures suited to your needs. As drainage experts who have worked across Liverpool for 20 years, there are few blockages we can’t clear.


Tailored Drain Repair and Construction

If blocked drains are repeatedly occurring for no obvious reason, you may require a drain repair. Our highly experienced engineers can find a solution for your drainage issues, in the most noninvasive and timely way possible. Altogether, our engineers have over a century of drainage experience. We are here every day to help. Similarly, if you require new drainage works on your property, we can design and install new drainage systems as well.


Drain Surveying & Locating

 Determining the root cause of your drainage problems can be a challenge, but we can help you do this through our specialist drain surveying services. We can investigate your drainage systems using sophisticated camera systems, which allow us to identify whether any underlying issues are present. We can also carry out tailored home buyers surveys, as well as cater to the needs of building surveyors.


Liverpool Vacuum Drain Services

Sometimes using rods or high-pressured jetting is not sufficient to clear the worst drain blockages, however, this is where our vacuum tanker services are ideal. We can provide vacuum tanker services for clearing blocked drains and manholes across Liverpool. Using a drain vacuum tanker gives us the ability to extract all waste from a drain and dispose of it appropriately. Therefore, removing the waste this way allows us to leave the area clean and tidy after we have cleared your blocked drain.

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What are the causes of a blocked drain?

Blocked drains in Liverpool are often very unexpected, but with some simple tips, you could reduce the chance of having drainage issues. The most common causes of blocked drains are build-ups of wipes, fat deposits, roots and drain displacement. Some of these issues you can not anticipate, such as drain displacement or damage, but others can be prevented. Wipes should be binned rather than flushed down your drains, and we would advise limiting the amount of fatty waste put down sinks. Doing this means you can massively reduce the chances of having a blocked drain, however, if you have a blocked drain in Liverpool, this is where we can help. We can clear wipes from your drain, fat deposits and roots, using a range of techniques and tools.

Always Fixed Cost Drain Unblocking

We are different from other drainage companies who offer complicated pricing strategies designed to mislead you and shock you with hidden fees. For domestic drains, our drain unblocking is a fixed price, with any quote we give as VAT inclusive. We are open and honest, and we do not believe in deceiving customers on price – our outstanding reviews shows this. There is no callout charge for our services ,and if we can’t clear your drain, we do not charge you anything. We also offer a guarantee on our unblocking service and this is why we are rated the best drain unblocking company in Liverpool and the UK. If you have a blocked drain in Liverpool, get in touch and we can help.

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Blocked Drain Clearing Liverpool

As a blocked drain company in Liverpool, we understand that drains can keep getting blocked for various reasons. Often, it is repeatedly flushing things that can’t easily pass through the drain, or it could be a sign that there is an underlying issue within the drain that is causing repeated issues. If you need a drain unblocking in Liverpool, we will always do our best to help, no matter the cause. We offer a flexible callout and booking service and always go the extra mile for our customers.


Our Range of Unblocking Techniques

High-pressured jetting is the most efficient way to unblock drains. Whether it be sewage, fat, grease, or paper, etc, we can clear it in a noninvasive manner. Being different from many other drain unblockers in Liverpool who just use drain rods to remove blockages, we carry many specialist cutting tools with us, such as root cutters, to remove the likes of tree roots and plant material, which can easily end up causing costly damage in your drainage system. With these tools, we can rectify drain blockages without hassle.


UK’s No 1. Drainage Company

We are always true to our price promises and our ranking as the UK’s number 1 drainage company according to Trustpilot shows this. If we can’t unblock your drain, we do not charge you a penny. Our blocked drain services are always fixed cost, that is our promise to our customers. If you need advice on drain unblocking you can call, email, submit a callback request, or alternatively book online.


Why Choose Us For Drainage Solutions

Our drainage services are tailored to each individual problem, and we always endeavour to provide the best service possible for any drainage service required, which is why we are open, honest and helpful. If you need a drain unblocker in Liverpool or have a drain requiring urgently unblocking, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help you as soon as we can. Clearing blocked drains in Liverpool is our job, and we always go the extra mile for our customers.

Our services are low cost, reliable and efficient. All our services are fixed price. We do not charge if we can’t unblock your drain.

All our engineers are skilled and fully qualified, holding Water Jetting Association certificates. Our staff are enhanced CRB checked to give you peace of mind.

Mersey Rod is a trusted drainage company with 25+ years of experience. We are fully equipped to carry out any of your drainage needs.

We arrive as fast as possible and operate an emergency drain team 24/7/365. Our engineers and are always happy to offer friendly advice.

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