Boring Legal Stuff

1. Our fixed prices are for residential properties only, industrial and commercial properties are charged on a per client basis due to the increased complexity of work.

2. Access and additional charges.

a. Occasionally, external access to a drain may need to be made in an invasive way. This can result in a surcharge of around £15, but will not exceed £35. This is rare and will not be carried out without permission from the client.

b. Internal access such as toilet removal for a blockage may be required in this case a £190 surcharge will be required. Mersey Rod Limited excepts no liability for any damage caused during the removal of the toilet. The removal of the toilet will not be carried out without the consent of the client.

c. Business properties and factory prices are variable in price. Often, they are the same price as the residential solutions (as listed above). However, they can occasionally result in an additional cost due to size and/or difficulty. If you have any queries about further information concerning this surcharge, please call us directly as we can help you with any of your needs.

3. We will return free of charge if your drain blocks within 14 days of the date the initial visit was carried out on. For reoccurring blockages after 14 days you will be charged the full price of the service.

4. If we diagnose the issue causing your blockage we will charge in line with our “no fix no fee” policy.

a. Meaning if we cannot unblock your drain, but through jetting and inspection we identify there is an issue outside the boundary of your property, such as a damaged main drain, a blocked drain at a neighbouring premises or a blocked main drain, which is the responsibility of utilities then in the aforementioned instance we reserve the right to charge you for our service.

b. If our diagnosis of the problem turns out to be incorrect upon further inspection of the Utilities board, we will refund you any fee you paid for our services or revisit free of charge to carry out further jetting work. If a refund is requested you will be required to provide proof such as letter or statement from utilities stating that the problem is not theirs.

5. All prices above exclude VAT.