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Our Services Overview

We are specialists in clearing residential drainage issues such as blocked toilets, sinks and baths. We provide drain clearance and drain unblocking in Liverpool, the wider Merseyside and Greater Manchester area. We have dedicated equipment to facilitate a speedy solution to what can be an urgent and distressing problem. We can be reached on 0330 133 1101. As well as residential drainage solutions we are equipped to unblock drains of small to medium enterprises. We also deal with a wide variety of other services such as soil stack clearing. By offering a fault finding service in regards to tracing out the source of bad odours, then we can offer a solution and advice. We have high specification jetting equipment to remove blockages with ease. Our prices for jetting start from £29 and our CCTV survey prices start from £109.

CCTV Surveys

With over 25 years of experience, here at Mersey Rod we specialise in drain surveying and inspection. Through our work we can identify any issues you may in you drainage system.
We can carry out a fully comprehensive survey on your drains to establish any problems, then advise accordingly to the most suitable and cost effective way to remedy the problem. As part of our strive to constantly improve your service, we also back up all footage of the drain recordings to a private server for two years so if any further information is needed about the layout of your drains we can provide it to you free of charge.

High Pressure Jetting

High pressure jetting is the most cost effective way to unblock drains. Whether it be sewage, fat, grease or paper etc, it can be removed in a timely manner with minimal intrusion. Being different from many other drainage companies who just use high pressure jetting to remove blockages, we have an arsenal of specialist cutting tools such as root cutters to remove the likes of treeroots and plant material, which could easily end up infiltrating your drainage system, causing costly damage. We can however, with these tools, fix this problem quickly and efficently. Drain clearance is our specialty. An additional service that we offer is high pressure jet washing of most surfaces. Moss, weeds and superficial grime can build up leading to a potentially hazardous layer on top of decking, pathways and paving. We can remove this material, leaving the area more aesthetically pleasing and safer. In the past, we have cleaned industrial oil storage containers and have undertaken other industrial orientated jobs.

Drainage Excavation

One of our more specialised services is drain excavation, repair and replacement. Damaged drains can often be a dangerous and expensive problem to have; they can cause land subsidence, repeated blockages and sink holes to form. We are able to remedy this problem by digging up to 3.80m below the surface to excavate, repair and replace these drains. Normally, this would be a very expensive process, but we try to limit this by keeping all residential drain replacement to within a two day window. Also, we have at our disposal, small digging machines which can effectively reduce the time period of a replacement drain being installed and subsequently reduce the cost to you as a customer. Our replacement and excavation service is not limited to residential repairs as we also offer a industrial service for small to medium sized enterprises' drain repairs. We can be contacted on 0330 133 1101 regarding any enquries you may have concerning drain replacement services you may need.

Call us for a great quote for your drainage needs call 0330 133 1101. Prices start from £29.